Jeff has acted as mediator in over 3,000 different mediations. The following is a partial list referencing various types of litigation that have been resolved with the assistance of the mediation services of Jeff Morris:

Professional Negligence

  • A claim against a real estate agent respecting the sale of a business
  • Action involving a tax professional and Canada Revenue Agency matter
  • Matter involving the placement of secondary financing on a residential property and subsequent Power of Sale
  • Claim respecting acquisition of two parcels of land, a title issue and limitation period defence
  • Matter respecting the listing of a property and resulting alleged inadequate market sale price
  • Claim regarding a health care professional, hospital and medical procedure outcome

Wrongful Dismissal

  • Action relating to amount of reasonable notice for long-term employee and issues resolving around mitigation
  • Complex case dealing with ownership of intellectual property, phantom stock plan, Incentive bonus, reasonable notice
  • Determination of amount of reasonable notice for a 30 plus year employee at a major multinational corporation
  • Matter respecting validity of employment contract termination clause and stock option valuation

Personal Injury (note: Mr. Morris is not currently conducting MVA mediations)

  • Action by a Government Authority respecting a subrogated claim on behalf of injured government worker
  • Slip and fall at a commercial complex
  • Winter conditions slip and fall on a municipal sidewalk
  • Complex multi-party motor vehicle accident involving tort, AB carrier, LTD provider
  • Claim against uninsured motorist involving minors with a structured settlement
  • Wrongful death claim by family against tortfeasor involving alleged fraudulent transfer of assets


  • Action by chartered bank respecting security interest in goods and chattels of a tenant seized by a landlord
  • Claim by a former employer regarding collection of outstanding benefits advanced to employee and not repaid on resignation of employment


  • Dispute between contractor and sub-trade respecting alleged faulty installation of major building component
  • Claim by a homeowner against a company for faulty repair and maintenance of a home system

Commercial Landlord and Tenant

  • Claim respecting excessive wear and tear and damage claim at end of tenant’s term of lease after vacancy
  • Unpaid rental arrears and distress for rent

Contractual Disputes

  • Claim respecting balance due on a retainer for employee headhunting services
  • Matter about length of term of supply of a telecommunications services and alleged wrongful early termination of contract
  • Computer software supplier and programmer dispute respecting outstanding invoices for services

Shareholder/Partner Disputes

  • Dispute between former shareholder and remaining shareholders over interpretation of buy-sell agreement and value of shares
  • Conflict over management style and communication between existing owners of new start-up company

Fire Insurance

  • Coverage issues respecting a fire loss in a commercial establishment
  • Valuation of contents in house fire loss


  • Multi-party trucking accident involving load broker, transportation company and sub-agent
  • Complex multi-party dispute following theft of electronic goods between owner, broker, shipping company and storage facility