Booking a Mediation

At least until the COVID-19 situation is largely ended, Jeff will be mediating all booked mediations using Zoom. We will determine the situation in the Spring, 2023 to determine if the COVID-19 situation is such that in person mediations are safe and feasible.

Online Mediations

Lawyers and clients have expressed a high level of satisfaction. Get more information about Zoom, Webex or Teams Mediations with Jeff Morris.

On my Online Mediation page, you can watch a YouTube intro video and download A User’s Guide to Zoom Mediations for Lawyers and Clients.

Book Using Web Calendar

To book a mandatory or private mediation at a later date, or an online mediation to take place during CORONAVIRUS restrictions, please check our calendar on the right side (or below on mobile) and then:

  1. Send us an Online Request by clicking on the date and filling out the pop up form. You should receive an email confirmation that your request was sent;
  2. Contact us by phone at 416.518.8774 and speak to Jeff’s assistant, Liz, or email to request a date be put on hold for you.


BOOKING ALERT: My calendar is heavily booked within the next 30-60 days. If you need a mediation date in this time period, please email or call, as dates will become available due to cancellations and release of dates currently “On Hold.” We will do our best to accommodate your matter.


Jeff offers competitive mediation rates. For his current rates, please download his Rate Sheet. Please note that Mr. Morris is no longer a Roster Mediator.


NOTE: In person mediations are not yet being scheduled due to COVID-19. We will post updates on in person mediations when they become available. The information below is for future reference only.

There are several options to consider for the location of the scheduled mediation. Please note that Jeff does not have mediation facilities at his office at 3230 Yonge Street.

Lawyer’s Office

If the parties do not require a neutral location, then if one of the lawyers involved in the mediation wishes to host the mediation, then that is a viable option. It is important to have a main room that can accommodate all the parties and counsel together, if a joint session is to be held. Also, in most instances, a separate break-out room for each party is required, so that the mediator can meet privately with a party in a caucus session.

Court Reporter’s Office

We can assist with a booking at a convenient location: Downtown Toronto – Network Downtown, Neeson Court Reporting or Victory Verbatim North York – Network North, Professional Court Reporters, Execuspace -$120 for a half day, but only one main and one breakout Mississauga – Network West