Learn about Jeff’s Zoom mediation sessions:

Jeff Morris is an internationally accredited mediator acting as a neutral for commercial or insurance related litigation. Mediations are conducted online using Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. He has recently co-authored an in-depth publication for the ADR Institute of Ontario about online video mediations.

At the current time, the most accepted and user friendly platform is Zoom.

Learn about Jeff’s Zoom mediation sessions:

Additionally, download my paper that sets out a Zoom privacy and security checklist:

Watch the 10 minute YouTube video below that explains all the basics for joining and participating in a Zoom Mediation with Jeff Morris.

The Youtube video link is https://youtu.be/PhwEkNfRsHA or watch below.

Recent Zoom User Testimonials

Dear Jeff:
Thank you for hosting the mediation today using the Zoom app. It worked very well even though this was a complex multi-party mediation. I look forward to using it again. Not only did it allow me to stay at home during the virus outbreak, it saved me a lot of travel time. In addition, my client and I could both focus on other tasks while you were in caucus with the other parties, without disturbing one another.

Sincerely, Hans Engell, Klein & Schonblum Associates

“I was initially unsure of what to expect with an online mediation through Zoom. The experience far surpassed my expectations and in many ways was more effective than an in person meeting. It prevented the need for travel and allowed me to be at my desk to do other work during down time. The program itself was very user friendly and logical. It facilitated great private discussion with Jeff as the mediator, no different than being in person with him. Further, there are enhanced features that allow you to get Jeff’s attention if you need it, collaborate with other breakout rooms if side discussions are necessary, and to conference with your client in private, whether you are in the same room, or across the country from one another. I will be strongly recommending to clients that they consider this option in the future. The value to a Zoom mediation brings to the client, when compared to an in person mediation, is significant.”

Dawn Phillips-Brown, Partner, Madorin Snyder, LLP

“The Zoom mediation we recently concluded worked very well particularly as my clients were in BC and could still be in the same ‘room’ with me It was beneficial not to have to travel to some other location. I believe that my clients felt very much part of the process and were not prevented from having input or making their opinions and concerns known. I am sure that you will use it more frequently. It is also cost effective as rooms do not have to be rented.”

Ross Thomson, Murray & Thomson

Zoom Quick Start Guide

Participants can join a Zoom Mediation from their computer, mobile device, landline telephone or cell phone. Using video is great, but not required, and it is fine to use audio only on any of these devices.

1 week prior to the Zoom Mediation, counsel will receive an e-mail from Jeff Morris Mediation and you may wish to forward this e-mail to your clients. It will contain the key information to log in to the Zoom Mediation.

Clicking on an e-mail “invitation link” on a computer prompts installation of the Zoom software and for most first-time users, you will enter your name, Meeting ID and Password. Mobile device users do need to pre-install the Zoom mobile app before clicking on the invitation link. Installation and set-up help are available in the Detailed Guide below.

The Zoom invitation link looks like this:


If you prefer to call-in by landline or cell phone, you will receive the following dial-in information:Local Phone Numbers: (647) 374-4685 or (647) 558-0588
Meeting ID: 416 518 87XX
Password: 989XXX

Ask the Mediator for additional dial-in numbers if anyone is calling-in from outside the local Toronto area.


Software and App Connections

By Computer

To join a Zoom Mediation by computer you may wish to manually download the latest software “Zoom Client for Meetings” in advance from: zoom.us/download

If you prefer not to pre-install the Zoom software, then when you click on the link in the invitation e-mail, you will be prompted to allow the software to download on to your computer. This takes seconds and you can then immediately connect to the session. You may be asked to type in your name, Meeting ID and Password. In the unlikely event the software does not download or install on your computer, please refer to page 15 in the Detailed Guide for further help (i.e. you will see a “start from your browser” link allowing you to join from your internet browser, but try to install the software).

By Mobile Device

If you plan to join a Zoom Mediation on a mobile device, like smart phone or tablet, you must download the Zoom Cloud Meetings mobile app ahead of time. Clicking the link zoom.us/download from your mobile device will automatically redirect you to the Google Play or Apple App Store to install the correct app.

Easy Link Connection

Please note that after pre-installation of the computer software or mobile app, when you click on the e-mail invitation link, you may not be asked to enter the Meeting ID and Password. They are embedded in the link. If you are able to skip this step, you may be asked to “Join by Zoom Video” in the app, unless you opt to choose for Audio only. Please “Join.”

By Telephone

If you dial the call-in numbers from a landline or cell phone, you will need to enter the Meeting ID and Password and state your name. Skip past the request for a Participant ID, it is not needed. Please note that your telephone number will be partially blocked (xxx) for confidentiality and will not be displayed to Zoom Mediation participants. After you call-in, the Mediator will replace your phone number with your name, so other participants can more easily know who is speaking during the session.


It is possible, but not advisable, to join a session using only video on your computer/tablet and to get the audio separately by telephone dial-in.

Please do not join in this manner, and always use “Internet Audio” from your computer or mobile device for sound. Otherwise, Zoom will treat you as two separate people, which will be confusing.

At the Zoom Mediation