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2024 Fee and Service Schedule

For his current rates, please see below or download his Rate Sheet (right click to download). Please note that Mr. Morris is no longer a Roster Mediator.

  Hours Fee
Half-day Mediation (2 parties*) (3 hours)  $2,250.00
Full-day Mediation (2 parties*) (10 am to 5 pm) $4,500.00

Additional Terms

  • Add $250.00* per additional party represented by separate counsel
  • Additional time is billed at $450.00 per hour, or part thereof
  • Fee divided equally between separate counsel representing each party/parties unless otherwise agreed
  • HST and disbursements are extra

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation with at least 20 business days’ notice – no cancellation fee
  • Cancellation within 20 business days of the mediation are subject to cancellation fees:
  Cancellation Fee
Half-day bookings $1,125.00 cancellation fee
Full-day bookings $2,250.00 cancellation fee

Mr. Morris is currently only accepting electronic delivery of Statement of Issues and Mediation Briefs, either by PDF, download link or by fax. A separate hard copy is not required.

If you do need to deliver a hard copy of your material, our delivery hours are 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Please email Jeff to let him know about the delivery.

For Rule 24.1 Toronto Mandatory mediations, Statement of Issues are due 7 days prior to the mediation date and should be sent to both the mediator and opposing counsel.

If you wish to submit an additional and separate confidential brief or Statement of Issues to only the mediator, please advise in a cover letter or email and mark the document “CONFIDENTIAL – FOR MEDIATOR ONLY”

Currently, all mediations are conducted on Zoom.

At the present time, Jeff is not planning to return to in-person mediations.


Jeff will stay engaged in the mediation process and after 3 hours (half-day), his overtime rate will apply by the hour, or part thereof.

If the mediation is booked in the morning, Jeff may not be able to stay past 1 pm if he has another half-day mediation booked for the afternoon.

If you must have the flexibility to stay past the 3 hour mediation half-day, it is recommended to reserve Jeff for the full day, or for an afternoon mediation (Jeff can usually stay late after 5 pm).

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